Local Facilities and Services

Medical Services


Saughall Medical Centre
9 Church Rd Saughall CH1 6EN  
Tel: 01244 881590
Website www.citywallsmedicalcentre.co.uk


A & E
Countess of Chester Hospital
NHS Trust Health Park
Liverpool Rd
CH2 1UL 
Tel: 01244 366663


Saughall Pharmacy Ltd
30 Church Rd
Tel: 01244 881765


Post Office
Nearest at Church Rd
Tel:0345 6112970
Two local Post Boxes  sited at each end of Grove Road: One by the village green and the other by the parish noticeboard near the junction with Demage Lane
5.15pm collection Mon – Friday. 
07.30am collection Sat



A Mobile Library operates on a three week cycle. 
Lea by Backford enjoys the second week of the three.
The library van parking on Grove Road from 1.10 to 1.30 pm
Week commencing 18 Sept 2017, 9th Oct 2017, 30th Oct 2017 etc.


Schools and Pre School


St Oswalds CE Primary School
Grove Road Mollington Chester
Head   Mr Wallace
Office  Mrs Bullough 
Tel 01244 981040  
Website   www.stoswalds.com

Mollington Pre School
Old School Building
Grove Road
Mollington Chester
Tel 01244 853812  
Website  www.mollington-preschool.co.uk


Village Hall
The Village Hall is located on Station Road, Backford, CH1 6NT
Bookings for the hall are via Mrs Judy Morgan 01244 851678
Website www.mbdvh.org.uk  provides details of users and classes


Refuse Collection and Recycling
Collections every Monday am for recycling items (glass,paper, waste food etc)
Collection on alternate Monday’s for non-recycling items and garden waste